October 16, 2012

What do I do with 400 of these???

The deed is done. This blog is official. Why? you ask. Because I have printed business cards for it. (This is like when an event has not officially occurred unless there were t-shirts for it.)

So let's have a look! But first, a haiku!

       I bought four colors
       of a paper called 'Stonehenge':
       tan, white, cream, and gray.

And now, a choka (longer cousin of the haiku with multiple 5-7 syllable couplets ending in 5-7-7):

       I carried it home;
       its size made my gait awkward.
       I measured, planning
       as to keep the deckled edge.
       I cut it by hand,
       carefully, with a sharp blade.
       My father once said,
       "Anything worthwhile takes work."
       What if this isn't worthwhile?

And we must have a limerick!

       I lay down two colors of ink
       on a hot day, me sweaty and pink.
       My sweat made a vapor
       that dampened my paper
       but not enough for it to shrink!

Can't forget the cinquain:

       Friendless hoarder,
       Perceives a new problem:
       How to find four hundred people?
       And give?

And now, an attempt at elegiac couplets (for no reason other than that I find the name well-suited to the result):

       Unlike a print which is paid for and carefully framed and displayed,
       business cards end in the trash, or, hidden in rolodex dark.

       After such work, can I sentence my cards to these uncertain futures?
       Attitudes here need to shift, else I have printed in vain.

Sorry, did you want to see the cards?


So you want one, right? ;-)


  1. I'd like one - or both designs (unless that's front and back). These are beautiful - love the colors!

    1. Thanks! It's two designs; they're not double-sided. One thing about having multiple designs is that some people will want one of each design, so that makes giving away all these cards a little bit easier!