July 17, 2012

Why Screenprinting is Important

Having grown up reading Spider-Man in the Sunday comics, watching Spider-Man Saturday morning cartoons, and then seeing the 2002 Spider-Man movie, I felt like I knew the Spider-Man story pretty well. Despite good reviews, I didn't think anything really new would be presented the 2012 reboot.


About an hour and 20 minutes into The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker is making the Spiderman suit in a series of clips of him designing and sewing. (Nothing new there.) But then, for less than a second, you see him pulling a squeegee to screenprint the spider on the front chest

He can print, too? (Not that this doesn't still require suspension of disbelief...) But still. Boom! Newfound respect! I did NOT see that coming!

And then the movie continues its tried-and-true Hollywood plot arc. But for me, that less-than-a-second of squeegee time was the most gratifying thing about this reboot. Just goes to show why printing classes are important— in case you become a superhero.

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  1. I agree! I totally nerded out when I saw Peter pulling that red ink to make the back mark of his Spidey outfit. I enjoyed the movie because I'm a fan of the comics but that lil bit of squeegee action did make it more gratifying to see indeed~