July 23, 2012

All Look the Same? Part 0

As a serif girl, I have never felt this way.
Card by a. favorite letterpress, afavoritedesign.com

Adapted from a presentation I gave at Foothill College's Letterpress class on June 30, 2012. 

I've always been a serif girl. 
My first love was Bodoni, at the age of 17. Since then, I have loved many typefaces, but never a sans serif. 

It wasn't until my friend W asked me for some typeface recommendations that I figured out a possible reason for this: I think all sans serifs look the same. 

I realize that's a horrible thing to say. If someone said that about, say, Asian people, my reaction would be, "Well, you probably need to meet more Asians. Also, maybe you don't know what details to look for."

Then it occurred to me that that was exactly what I had to do, but for sans serifs. 

And so began my quest to understand the history, construction, nuances, and appeal of this popular subtype, presented as a 7-part series.

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