June 26, 2012

@ the dentist

Always on the lookout for interesting type, even when I'm getting my teeth taken care of. 

This x-ray machine logo reminds me of a metal band. (Anthrax? Metallica? Kiss?) Perhaps, then, it's fitting that they stained my mouth bright pink. They said it was to highlight my plaque so I could see what parts I wasn't flossing thoroughly, but I think it was really so I could do this:

I wanna rock and roll all night and brush my teeth twice a day


  1. very nice look. Better than the blue stuff they used to stain my plaque. >_<

    1. Aw, blue doesn't seem so bad. In elementary school, I remember kids would purposely eat blue lollipops to try to get their tongues to be as bright blue as possible... Ah, the good ol' days.