April 3, 2012

Hand Face

Throughout my life, I've been told that I have weird, unphotogenic hands. This is true. (Although I don't know why people feel the need to point this out to me. Bad manners, if you ask me.)

Yet these hands are dexterous, clever, and capable. Inspired by alphabets from the The 3-D Type Book, I decided to try this exercise of making a lowercase alphabet with my hands. (Exercise is an apt term here; definitely stretch out your fingers, wrists, and forearms first, and be sure to take breaks lest something cramp up!)

I'm proud of my solutions for the k and s. And thanks to Z for help with... well, the z, naturally. Being double-jointed also came in handy for the tail of the 'q'. Maybe one day I'll make an uppercase for it, with two hands per letter...

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