March 1, 2012

Choosing a Name: Part 1

I had a devil of a time choosing a name for this blog, and think choosing a name is something everyone should have to go through with as little help as I had, because it builds character. In the 'Choosing a Name' series (hopefully there will be more than one), I hope to present some useful, not-so-useful, as well as downright awful ideas on how to come up with a good name for your band. Er, brand.  

---{ ahem }---

If I ever had to invent a character that was quintessentially American in the same way that football, Twelve Angry Men, and being a caucasian male are also quintessentially American, here's how my brainstorming process might go:

Eyes big and blue as a prairie sky, hair the color of straw. Athleticism, leadership skills. Calm and level-headed under pressure.

One of his names could be an actual place in the U.S. You can't get more American than something like Washington, a name that's tied with the founding of this country. Virginia and Carolina? Too feminine. Texas? Vermont? Hampshire as a person's name sounds too English. Illinois? Colorado?

I must be on the right track, because Indiana Jones fits this archetype, and was a pretty good character, although his name is too distinctive. Keep going.

A generic one-syllable male first name, like John or Matt or Dan or Jack or Mike, would make him sound more average and approachable.

And maybe he shouldn't work in academia like Indiana Jones. His field of expertise should be accessible to a broader audience. But not in the arts, because there's little need to be athletic there. Maybe a public servant, or an athlete.

Jack Dakota? Too unpredictable. John Washington? Too serious.


Oh wait, I've totally heard of him.

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