March 17, 2012

A Certain Purity Expressed

Theme: A Certain Purity Expressed
Paper: Rives BFK
Size: 4x6 inches (portrait) on 8x10 inch paper
Printed on a 1959 Reprex cylinder press

Printing for this collaborative print exchange finished in record time, thanks to two extra sets of eyes and hands (and to a lesser extent, me not stopping for lunch and instead wolfing down a sandwich in one hand while inking up the press with the other — hardcore). To help with registration, I added registration marks all around the design, which were cut off the photopolymer plates once the proofs showed everything to be in the right place.

The one thing I'm a little sad about is that though I make sure to clean all equipment and supplies before I use them (a necessity of using a shared studio), the dark green ink of whoever last used the press refused to come off completely, and my bright yellow turned slightly muddy as a result. It's barely noticeable, but there's always a little disappointment when your final product doesn't match up to the image you had in mind.

However, the success of the registration more than makes up for it. This is my worst registered print:

cry me a river

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