November 23, 2011

Kumon logo

When I was a child, my mom signed me up for a program called Kumon where I was forced to do these auxiliary math homework worksheets as fast as I could while I timed myself. If I couldn't get enough correct in a certain period of time, I had to redo them.

It was mostly not fun, and I spent a lot of time not doing my work but instead looking straight ahead, bored and passively resentful.

This is Kumon's new logo:

Kumon's website explains:
The logo includes a face called “THE THINKING FACE,” our symbol, which suggests that all those involved in Kumon, the students, the Instructors, Center Assistants and staff all continue to think and grow as individuals.
Apparently, thinking looks a lot like first world childhood suffering. I like how honest this logo is. I wonder if it's bad for business.

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