September 9, 2011

Bossa Nova

Wait, it's September? Did summer even happen? In these precious last days of summer, I thought I'd share my design for a letterpress broadside exchange I participated in last fall - a graphic distillation of what I'd been looking forward to since it got cold, and now very nearly missed.

Printed on Rives BFK 280lb, cut to 11" x 15" quarter-sheets. Hand-printed on a Showcard press.

The theme of 'Transparency' could be interpreted very loosely. One participant printed a poem she had written, titled "Transparency," but most printers fulfilled the theme by overlapping two ink colors to create a third.

I designed my poster around a favorite music genre, bossa nova. Custom typography gives a nod to bossa nova's mid-20th century popularity and folk music roots, while the colors and imagery suggest its tropical Brazilian origins and relaxed tempo. Overprinting in the same color (pink-on-pink action!) emphasizes the transparency of the inks in a way that had fellow printers confused about the process and intrigued by the results.

The best part about overprinting in the same color? One less ink color to mix, and one less time I had to clean the ink off everything!

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