August 25, 2011

Secret Codes

Typography lends itself wonderfully to secret codes. It has the power to organize and communicate information, but it can also do the opposite – scramble information, hide it, or make it unintelligible. Sometimes, it does both of those things simultaneously, not unlike a secret code.

I've been really into typographic secret codes lately, starting with the Valentine's poster I printed earlier this year, and I wanted to continue exploring them.

My sister's birthday was earlier this month, and I decided to use this deadline to test a new technique I had been thinking about, using HTML/CSS and deconstructed typography to create a lightly interactive typographic "puzzle" that would be attractive unsolved, but gain meaning once she figured out the hidden message. Try it for yourself!

One drawback of designing for my sister was that when I got stuck during the design process, I couldn't ask for her input (as I often do), because I wanted to keep it a surprise. I'm glad I just sucked it up and battled through, because she was indeed pleasantly surprised!

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