August 30, 2011

Eva Zeisel on TED

Classic Century Dinnerware at Crate & Barrel
Eva Zeisel for MoMA 2009

I'm a little embarrassed that I discovered Eva Zeisel's work only after I saw a line of her dinnerware re-issued at Crate & Barrel a few years ago. However, I like to think that though I am a latecomer to the Eva Zeisel fan club, I am no less a fan, and was delighted to discover a talk by her from 2001 in the TED archives.

She impresses me in so many ways:
  1. her beautiful and functional body of work. She doesn't call herself an industrial designer, but a maker of things.
  2. her strength. In 1936, she was accused (falsely) of participating in an assassination plot against Stalin. She was arrested and held in prison for 16 months, 12 of which were spent in solitary confinement, according to Wikipedia.
  3. her longevity, in life and career. She's 104 as of this posting! And still making things!

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