July 14, 2011

Inspiration Anywhere

I am one of those people who believes that you can find inspiration anywhere. I have believed this for a long time. However, I had forgotten it for a while.

Then I found myself at BevMo. There, I happened to re-discover the great art of artisanal beer packaging, especially that of Flying Dog Ales and their deliciously dirty/grungy/crazed designs:

The illustrations and lettering are the work of Ralph Steadman, whose illustrated version of George Orwell's Animal Farm I found in the library a couple years ago and enjoyed. Steadman also did illustrations for Hunter S. Thompson, who was a friend of the Flying Dog founder. Which explains the 'Gonzo Imperial Porter'.

I stood in the beer aisle marveling at their designs (I imagine Steadman's studio and everything in it covered in ink splatters) until the store closed and I had to go home. Maybe next time I'll actually get around to buying some bevs.

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