July 18, 2011

Gluestick Chapbook

A chapbook is a pocket-sized booklet or pamphlet that grew in popularity in Britain around the 1600s. Sold by peddlers called chapmen, chapbooks were generally inexpensive to produce, and contained poems, ballads, and tales that ranged from folklore, chivalry, religious and moral instruction, cookbooks, fortune telling and magic, and bawdy stories. Chapbooks were purchased by people of lesser means and education at a time when the literacy rate was growing.

I participated in a chapbook exchange at my studio, with the theme "Childhood memories involving food." Our chapbooks, standardized for the exchange, were printed on Zerkall Vellum Book 145Gsm, and French folded into a 4-page book with a front and back cover, and an inside spread.

Though I couldn't recall any good childhood stories involving actual food, I did remember eating a gluestick that my parents kept in a drawer of office supplies. Don't judge me too harshly; I was only 3.

inside spread
back & front covers

I illustrated office supplies to create display type for the covers and drop caps for the interior. My letterpress teacher suggested that I expand my bent paperclip letters into a font. (I may actually take him up on his suggestion. He will probably regret suggesting it, especially when I start using my font on EVERYTHING.)

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